My name is Nicola Kealy. I am a registered Dramatherapist with IACAT.
I have an MA in Dramatherapy from Maynooth University and I am currently
undertaking a Doctorate in Psychotherapy in Dublin City University.

My approach as a Dramatherapist involves working creatively with people to help them develop tools for life. Life is wonderful, but it can also be painful, fraught and difficult to navigate.

People from all walks of like can benefit from Dramatherapy in overcoming depression, anxiety, stress and loss. Dramatherapy offers an active space that mirrors the lived
experience, allowing clients to move out of the confines of their head and look at their problem areas from a distance. This perspective can help to unlock new ways of coping with difficult emotions and experiences.

Imagine a blocked sink and the problems it causes, there are moments in life when
we can also be blocked and unable to move past a certain feeling or mindset. In
the case of the sink, the aim is to restore flow, the flow carries away the debris and
allows fresh water to fill the sink. Dramatherapy seeks to unlock your flow, allowing
new perspectives and ideas to open up and help you live the life you want.

I have experience in the area of anxiety and depression and a particular interest in
the links between women’s reproductive cycles and anxiety and depression. It is my
belief that everyone has the potential to develop coping skills that will enable them to live a rich and full life even throughout difficult times.